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Prince of Glam Rock Kimeru, meaning 'to decide', is no stranger to the anisong scene. He has contributed not one, but two songs to hit anime, The Prince of Tennis, the first being the ending song You Got Game? and the opening song Make You Free. Overlap was also chosen to be the 6th opening song for Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters.

In addition to his singing, he has got acting and dancing in his arsenal of skills too! Cast as Fuji Syuusuke in the first generation of Prince of Tennis musical actors, he has won over many fans with his uncanny resemblance to the character and his superb portrayal!

Does the artwork seem familiar?

Following his debut in 2001, he has since released 16 singles and 6 albums, enjoying international fame, even specially travelling to perform in China in 2006. Moreover, his albums feature collaborations with famous people in the music scene such as Daisuke Asakura (who also worked with May'n) and Tetsuya Komuro (who has collaborated with BoA, Backstreet Boys, and Ryuichi Sakamoto). Even the mangaka of The Prince of Tennis contributed an album artwork for his 4th album, Discover. His songs are mainly fast-paced, featuring strong electronic beats, earning him the title The Prince of Glam Rock.

Cute tidbit: Before becoming a singer, he originally wanted to become a mailman delivering mail.

Interested to check him out? Here's his official website, and his blog for more of his cheerful antics!

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