Ani-Music - T.M. Revolution!


Ever listened to some music, and felt "zips" of energy flow through your veins, as the "HEART OF SWORD" throbs under your chest, "INVOKE"-ing awesome memories of excitement, adrenaline, and overall good times?

It's not just any ol' music you're listening to, but rather, the sounds of a particular Takanori Nishikawa, better known as T.M. Revolution!!

Born on the 19th September, 1970 in humble Yasu, Shiga Prefecture in Japan, Nishikawa aspired for a career in music from a young age while attending high school. Initially joining visual kei rock band, Luis-Mary, as a vocalist for 3 years, Nishikawa then met with fellow pop artist, Daisuke Asakura.

Signing the talented Nishikawa on as a partner-act under the name Daisuke Asakura expd. Takanori Nishikawa, Asakura was key to producing the hit single "Black or White?". After making several solo appearances on various show, Nishikawa eventually announced his solo project as T.M. Revolution, with Asakura as his producer!


Years later, Nishikawa would have a staggering number of memorable hits under his proverbial belt. Not only the proud performer of many popular hits, but several of the most memorable anime have also been graced by his unique sound, with the likes of Rurouni Kenshin and the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED series!

Nishikawa has also dabbled his hands in a variety of other activities as well, being partial to voice acting, hosting, and even fronting other musical projects, resulting in the creation of a new musical group, Abingdon Boys School.


With his invigorating vocal-style and infectious beats, it's no wonder Nishikawa's become synonymous with hard-hitting music that's perfect for intensifying any high-energy situation. Takanori truly "Makes Revolution"!

Catch T.M Revolution in Singapore at the Anime Festival Asia 2012!! Get more information at the AFA 2012 Website!

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