World-Vibe: JRock Evolution 2012!!

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J rock Alice Nine

J-Rock fans are in for a big treat, as the biggest show to hit our region is just weeks away! J-Rock Evolution 2012 has been confirmed to happen at Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, and a recent new addition - Jakarta!

J rock MUCC

J rock SuG

With 2012 being the event's first year overseas outside of Japan, many of the hottest J-Rock acts are slated to perform. Rockers can look forward to seeing MUCC, Alice Nine, SuG, D=OUT, Unite and girugamesh!

 rock D=Out

J rock Unite

J rock Girugamesh

Tickets and dates have just been released, so hurry on down to their official site and get ready to rock!

All images taken from J-Rock Evolutuon 2012's official site.

Visit the official site of J-Rock Evolutuon 2012 for ticket sales and event dates!

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