anibee Features: YTV Head of Animation, Mr. Norihito Ito!

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, otherwise known as YTV, is the force behind the release and wide distribution of many popular anime titles. Zetman, Beelzebub, Space Brothers and even Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne, are but a few of the titles that have received the esteemed YTV treatment!

We get to talk to Mr. Norihito Ito, the Head of Animation at YTV, to find out more about what makes them tick!

anibee: Good day, Ito-san. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your role in YTV.

Norhito Ito: Hello! I am Norhito Ito, head of the Animation Department here at YTV!

anibee: What are some titles that you have worked on before?

Norhito Ito: I have been involved in "Space Brothers", "Beelzebub", "Detective Conan", "ZETMAN", "Hiiro no Kakera" as well as "Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne".

anibee: Are you a fan of anime?

Norihito Ito: Yes I am!

anibee: If so, what anime is your favorite, and how does being a fan play a part in your work?

Norihito Ito: I like "Space Brothers" a lot, personally! I feel that being an anime fan helps me in my job, because it helps to fuel my desire to want to show the world the very best in animation that Japan has to offer!

anibee: What kind of anime would you personally like to work on most?

Norihito Ito: I would like to work on dramatic anime, with a strong emphasis and focus on characters.

anibee: What plans are there for YTV in the near future?

Norihito Ito: We aim to reach out to even more people with our animation titles, with the goal of sharing and conveying Japan's culture and charm to everyone. If we can help bridge the gap between people of the world through everyone's common love for anime, I think that would be a fantastic achievement!

Spoken like a true lover of anime and culture!

Special thanks to YTV and Norihito Ito-san for their time!

Check out YTV's website (English version) for more information on their array of titles!

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