STGCC, Pop-Culture Paradise!!

If you were in Singapore recently at the lovely Marina Bay Sands, then you might have seen Hatsune Miku and Madoka walking along side the likes of Iron Man and Gambit!

No, you're not going crazy; it was the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention (STGCC), quite possibly heaven for any fan of pop-culture!

Right from the wee hours of 9 am in the morning, the queues were already building up as people were eager to get their tickets. With a bevy of events featuring guests from around the globe and dozens of big-time retailers, we were definitely feeling the excitement!

Popular artists from Marvel & DC such as Mark Torres, Mark Nagata and Simone Legno were also joined by other artist celebrities like the Beast Brothers. On the other side of the ocean were renowned Hot Toys sculptors Yulli & J.C. Hong, Devilrobots, Tokidoki and even the LEGENDARY Itou Noizi - and this we're just naming a few!!

As if our heads weren't spinning enough from the immense amount of activity before us, there was lots to buy too! Exclusive Hot Toys Merchandise for the high-end collectors, Collateral Damage Studios for the doujinshi buffs, and tons and tons of other toys, comics, games and collectibles! Whew!!

Cosplayers were in for a big treat as well as returning guests DJ group ZANEEDS and COSMODE Supervisor Jacky Dosai were joined by Japanese cosplayers, Touya Hibiki and Kousaka Yun, providing the event with that extra bit of "Star Power"!

Did we have a good time? You bet your last anime episode we did!

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