Ascend to Gunpla HEAVEN!!

Think that Singapore's all dull, with nary an interesting activity going on at anytime?

Think again!

Just recently at nex Shopping Mall in Singapore, was the ultimate event for any and every Gundam fan out there - the Gundam Expo!

Occupying the 1st floor of the atrium at the massive mall, the Gundam Expo was packed to the seams with all sorts of Gunpla goodness! Between the huge displays of existing releases and upcoming products, as well as special displays featuring contest winners, celebrity designed Gundams AND activities like the Gunpla Workshop - our heads were spinning at the sheer amount of activity!!

Check out some of the stuff at the event:

Picture Perfect!

Gundam Unicorn
Gundam Unicorn stands guard!

Gundam winner
Some winning entries from previous contests!

30 years of Gunpla technology - right in this case!

Gunpla process
3A display of the injection moulding process mould - part of how a Gunpla is made. Awesome!



Gundam toys

Gundam maid
Check out some of these wacky creations by various celebrities, including a... Maid Zeong?!

Gundam marker
One of the many prizes to be won - a Perfect Gundam Marker set!

Gunpla sign
Gunpla everywhere - even the ceiling!

The limited edition items available exclusively at the Expo!

At last - the original Gundam Seed quintet reunited in MG form!!

An awesome diorama display!

Gundam AGE 2
Dengeki Hobby's exclusive AGE-2 Artimes wear parts!

Gundam Unicorn
Going Unicorn-crazy!

Gundam winner


Special customising add-on parts!

Take aim!!

Gundam machine game
Get your Gage-ing On!!

Gundam workshop
Pick up some tips at the Gunpla Workshop!

- Q

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