anibee Features: 2nd & 3rd Place Winners of ani-Song Competition - Ryodo and Deborah!

We had our first ever Ani-song Competition right at ICDS recently, and many talented individuals took part.

We get to speak to our 1st and 2nd runner-ups - Ryodo and Deborah!

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anibee: Congratulations! How do you feel about your victory?

Ryodo: Thank you very much and thank you for organising the Ani-song contest! To be honest, I never thought about winning anything at all, let alone be in the top 3. To me, singing is about expressing yourself musically and being able to connect with your audience with your voice and your emotions! So long as you have succeeded in doing so, you have earned yourself a victory. Now that I am placed as the 1st runner-up in the contest, I feel really happy that my talent is realised and my hard work has paid off after so long and that, to me, is a really big achievement. My heartfelt thanks go to everyone who has supported me and gone through this long and challenging journey with me and this award that I am given goes out to them all :D

Deborah: I am honored that I came in third. Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity, and thank you everyone who has supported me!

ani song

anibee: What motivated you to take part in the Ani-song contest?

Ryodo: It all started way back in Japanese Arts Fiesta, when my good friend QB-sensei and I were preparing for our performance. As we were about to enter the stage, we stumbled upon a flyer on the door about an Ani-song contest organised by Anibee. I was initially hesitant in joining competitions because of my nature of not being very competitive, but QB-sensei said "Let's give it a shot, man! After all, what's there to lose?". That made me think, "Sure, why not?" So all in all, it was the people around me who are important that help me steer my decisions and be sure about making them.

Deborah: I joined this competition because I like singing anime songs and I wanted to see my old friends again.

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anibee: Have you taken part in any other singing contests before?

Ryodo: Oh yes, of course! My first singing contest goes all the way back into 2008 called "Japanese Idol: GO Japan Matsuri Festival" held at Central. Back then, I just started singing so I was unsure about a lot of things, but it was a great experience and I wanted to improve myself by going for more events and contests. I have also taken part in some of Haru's singing contests, but rather than seeing them as contests, I see them as a chance to perform in order to get some exposure.

Deborah: I have mostly only taken part in internal campus singing competitions prior to this competition. I competed once in Ngee Ann Poly's SOYA anisong competition some years back. However I was showcased in Noise Singapore 2012 and I also took part in NEA's ecomusic songwriting challenge 2010 in which I came in 2nd Runner up.

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anibee: What made you decide on your song choice?

Ryodo: *takes off fedora and starts talking in a deep emotional tone* Haha just kidding! Prior to the finals, I was experiencing what could be said the worst moments of my life. At that time, I was deeply hurt, not physically, but both emotionally and mentally. It kept going on for a while to the extent that I was about to give up all hope and quit singing in order to continue on with my boring, routine-based life. But my close friends and loved ones managed to encourage me to continue on and pull me out of the rabbit hole that I was sure I would fall deeper into no matter what I do.

To sum the whole song up, "Hyakunen no Koi" is about your undying love for someone no matter how much time has passed. However, to me, the music that accompanies it says a lot more than just your undying love and that was my reason of choosing the song. Because of the torment I have faced, and all the mixed emotions stirring up inside me, I want this to be the time where I sing all my sorrows out once and for all. It is also my way of say a really big thank you to everyone who has been with me through the hard times and believing in me no matter what happened.

Deborah: I respect Kajiura Yuki as a self-made music arranger, sequencer, keyboardist and vocalist who writes good songs. Her style appeals to me. I felt also that her style would compliment my own vocal style.

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Truly inspiring stuff from 2 very talented artistes! Stay tuned as next up, we talk to our Champion - Skye!

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