International Cosplay Day Singapore - Where East Met West!

On the 26th of August 2012, we had the absolute privilege to witness an amazing feat happen before our very eyes. Heading to a venue, and as if by pure magic, watching as cosplayers from both Eastern and Western fandoms converge, meld, and amalgamate, becoming the one, true Entity-of-Awesomeness (we should trademark that!) for any and every fan of pop-culture to witness!

"What is this amazing phenomenon?!" you ask?

Why, it was the International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic of course!

Truly a feast for the senses, we were bombarded by the numerous activities, events, booths, cosplayers AND guests at ICDS from the first instant we set foot at the venue!

As we were early birds, we got to sit in for the Cosplay Panel with special guests Yaya Han and Jerry Polence, finding out a thing or two about the cosplay scene in America! At the same time, talented and popular photographer, Jay Tablante from the Philippines was conducting his photo shoot seminar - perhaps we should get shuttering ourselves soon!

If there's one thing we love though, it's seeing people perform their hearts out, and the Ani-song Contest Finals certainly fit the bill! Competition was strong and the passion was absolutely burning within the hearts of everyone who participated! In the end, Deborah, Ryodo getting 3rd and 2nd place respectively, and Skye as our 1st place winner with a breath-taking acoustic performance! To us however, everyone who took part in this contest is a winner to us!

The main event however, was undeniably the 2nd Annual Cosplay Chess - and boy were we early anticipating this unique show experience!

Medivh (from World of Warcraft) and Shakespeare (from Fate/Apocrypha) settle a little squabble between themselves in the form of a 'live' chess game. This results in a series of battles between several characters from all over the fictional globe - East vs West!

Hellbrecht! Jyubei-chan! Loki! Hinata! Himura Kenshin - these are just a handful of the numerous characters that got to appear and do battle on stage! With fight after fight and one twist after another, we were at the edge of our seats watching in anticipation of what would happen next - and who would get eliminated!

For at least one special day, that ideal of East and West coming together became a reality, and cosplayers from all fandoms stood together as one. For in the end, much like how the Cosplay Chess itself ended, regardless of which side you favour, we are all branches from the same tree.

In this case, the "tree" known as Cosplay!

Stay tuned as get to interview our winners of the Ani-song Contest!!

- Q

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