World-Vibe: "Go, Masao" to hit Singapore shores!

Image source: Shochiku Press Release

People love their doggy-bonding movies, and Japan's no exception to this! Rolling off the movie-making-machine straight from Tokyo is "Go, Masao!", a new flick that's bound to get your 'doggone' attention!

Based off popular TV series "Masao-kun ga iku! Pochitama petto no tabi" (roughly translated as "Here goes Masao! A Pet Pooch's Adventure"), this full-length feature film adaptation is about the story of a struggling comedian, Matsuoto, trying to find his big break. With his increasingly poor luck, his situation looks to be hopeless, until a once-thought to be troublesome dog named Masao, comes to Matsumoto's aid when he sustains an injury during filming a show. Now with a renewed impression of Masao, Matsumoto takes it upon himself to try to forge a new duo persona with the hound.

This light-hearted comedy comes packing the laughs and tugging the heart strings, with a star studded cast such as Ryoko Hirosue of "Beach Boys" fame, and starring Shingo Katori from SMAP!

It might be a dogs' life, but this movie certainly won't leave you in the pound!

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"Go, Masao!" hits Singapore cinemas 6th September 2012!

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