A Horrifyingly Good Time!

Image source: ani-culture

Just as much as we like a hero who never gives up, a lot of us take just as much joy in a villain that never quits! After all, what fun is there for movie goers to see a hero without an antagonistic half?

Movie fans have a new reason to breathe easier this 21st June, as everyone's 'favourite' long-haired-horror, Sadako is making her return in a new feature film - Sadako 3D!

Featuring a brand new story on a mysterious internet video of a live suicide broadcasting website that seems to be linked to a series of deaths at an all-girls high school, a teacher at the school, Akane Ayukawa is determined to find out the truth behind it. Things aren't going to be easy though, with an enigmatic man named Kashiwada Seiji who is determined to get in her way - by reviving Sadako!

Image source: Tokyo Hive

Aside from 3D special effects, Sadako 3D also stars Koji Seto and Yusuke Yamamoto - former Kamen Riders, Kamen Rider Kiva (Seto) and Kamen Rider Sasword (Yamamoto)! How cool is that?!

Hitting Singaporean theatres 21st June 2012, prepare yourself for a whole new dimension of horror!

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