Ani-Music - FLOW

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They're hip, they're cool, they're funky - they're FLOW! We at anibee simply love our Ani-song artistes, and there's no better place to start than with this awesome quintet!

Formed in 1993 by brothers Koshi and Takeshi Asakawa, they were soon joined by Keigo, Goto and Iwasaki, officially creating FLOW in 1998. Debuting with their first maxi single titled 'Flow #0', the group quickly began taking the Japanese music scene by storm!

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Their first single, 'Okuru Kotoba', dominated the Oricon charts for 7 consecutive weeks. Known for their distinctly accessible pop-rock sound with unique combination of vocals & rap, they proceeded to do several songs for many notable anime, including Code Geass and Eureka Seven. Most anime fans however, will know FLOW best for their contributions to the Naruto series with many eternally catchy songs like "Go!!!"!

With these many significant contributions, it's no wonder FLOW's become a huge hit overseas as well, having travelled to countries as such the U.S. for various conventions.

Now, celebrating their 10th anniversary, FLOW's returning to our side of the ocean - with their appearance in AFA MY this June! Mark your calendars for a trip to Malaysia next week, it's time to head down and feel these 'Fighting Dreamers'!

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