Nihon Vibe: R&B Duo Chemistry to go solo

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Image source: Fanpop

Popular Japanese Pop/R&B Duo, Chemistry, comprising of Yoshikuni Dochin and Kaname Kawabata, have announced that they would be putting their activities as a duo on temporary hold while they pursue solo projects.

The duo has expressed a desire to take some time off to do solo work so as to help them grow and mature in their musical talents.

"This was a move we both mutually agreed upon", Dochin said. "We both felt that by taking some time off alone, we would be able to fully pursue and create a new kind of music we normally wouldn't be able to. Ever since our TV debut, it has been my dream to succeed as Chemistry and make it continue to shine brighter than ever before! We will see you soon!"

Chemistry have been responsible for a number of hit songs for various anime, such as 'Wings of Words' for Gundam Seed Destiny and 'Period' for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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