anibee Feels the Obsession!

We at anibee decided to stretch our legs a little last weekend, and made plans to pop by The Cathy to catch the action at J-Obsession, touted to be the one-stop event for people to share their love for Japanese music, cosplay, culture, and just about anything else Japan-related. We headed down on Day 2 of the event (10th March), to catch the cosplay competition.

When we got there, we were given a pleasant surprise!

Initially overwhelmed by the massive crowds, we soon came to the realisation that a good number of persons within the hoard were here to support their friends who were about to perform in the bands and cosplay segments that day. We were wowed by the sheer talent that all the bands possessed, but the undying passion and, dare we say it, obsession, that the crowds had for supporting their local bands and the music they loved that we found extremely infectious.

Not contented with just performing, many bands had members, or the entire team, decked out in costumes as well including Vocaloids (always out in full force), as well as some individuals who came dressed as members from Visual Kei band, Versailles!

The cosplay competition too, proved to be full of surprises as well. A wide variety of series were represented, with the likes of One Piece, Angel Beats, one-half of Tiger & Bunny (complete with faux motorcycle!), Silent Hill, Macross Frontier, and to this writer's delight, a contemporary oldie, Gundam Seed!

What was more surprising was the competition itself. Many contestants went above and beyond their performances for the competition, including featuring 'gimmicks' such as large props (like the aforementioned faux motorcycle) and quick-changing into different outfits! Some however, preferred doing it the 'old-fashioned' way and sang for the crowd's enjoyment!

Overall, regardless of who won, anibee felt everyone who performed at J-Obsession was a winner in our eyes!

Have yourselves a well-deserved break folks - and keep the Obsession alive!

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