Top 10 blogs on all things Japanese

So you've learnt the Japanese language, watched every anime and read every manga. What next? Well, time to look to your fellow netizens for more fresh content and opinions. From fashion to entertainment, gadgets to culture, we've found ten of the best blogs that cover all things Japanese. Thank goodness for the internet age!



The concept is simple: Request your dream cosplay, and wait for the blog owners to find it and post it for you. This photoblog generally uploads high quality cosplays, so don't be surprised if you find yourself fanboying/fangirling over real-life XXX from YYY series, or whiling hours away just scouring its tags and archives. For cosplay enthusiasts, inspiration awaits!



This giant barely fits in the blogs category, but not including it would have been such a shame. Japanator, the self-proclaimed otaku's companion, covers anime, manga, music, dramas, cosplay, gaming and more, boasting over ten regular columns plus original reviews, videos and podcasts. If you somehow manage to swallow all that content, fret not for they even have their own forums, and in any case the next updates are just a day away.


Want to make authentic Japanese dishes, but not sure where to start? Just Hungry has the answers, from getting good substitute ingredients, to detailed recipes for popular Japanese food. No wonder it's the top ranked Japanese recipe blog on Google!



Yeah, it's THAT anime blog. The one whose name began as an acronym for "The Anime review site that Has great fanboyism over the Almighty Megas-good Tsuraya anime blog". That aside, it offers some alternative insights on ongoing anime and manga, and the writers are dedicated, frank, and have a cool sense of humour. Definitely worth checking out!



If you've mastered the Japanese language already, why not challenge yourself to read one of Japan's most popular blogs? With a mixture of technology and lifestyle articles, there's something for everyone here, and the pictures help if you can't read the words...



Tofugu introduces itself as a "wonky Japanese language and culture blog", and wonky is right. Articles about Gundam robots, cup noodle museums and banana art are daily fare here. For the wackiest scoops on Japan, look no further!


Too busy to watch anime? This sad state of affairs can be salvaged at Astronerdboy's blog, where episodes from various series are broken down into screenshots, complete with short summaries and reviews. It doesn't beat watching them yourself, but you'll stay in the loop, and get a second opinion as a bonus.



Japan is renowned for its high-tech consumer electronics industry, so where better to get your tech news than Japan's digital-Mecca, Akihabara itself? Heavy on content and reviews, this site has more than enough on high-end notebooks, Smart TVs, phones, camcorders, and other gadgets to satisfy even the most hard-core techie. Touch-screen vending machines, anyone?


Though its host site is all about learning the Japanese language, this blog proves to be a pleasant read, covering Japanese fashion, culture, language and even cuisine. To top it off, budding Japanese students will be pleased to find the blog littered with helpful learning tips.



Tokyohive focuses mainly on entertainment news and celebrity gossip in Japan, and strives to deliver up-to-the-minute coverage of stories around Asia. It is also the go-to site for Japanese music lovers who want to get quick updates in English. Of course, let's not forget the eye candy...

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