Japanese Ice Cream: FLAVORS!!

Credits to Japan it UP! Travel Blog

Pop Quiz: What made $2.8 billion in 2008, was estimated to reach $2.9 b in 2013, but actually hit $5 b last year? The ice cream market in Japan!

Yes, ice cream's popularity is shooting up in Japan, so let's examine its culture there.

In 2007, a survey reported that 2 in 5 Japanese adults eat ice cream at least once a week. And, while Japan's most famous ice cream contribution is mochi, its most important contribution is probably the flavors! Have you tried these before?

Very-Japanese Flavors
Cow Tongue
Horse Sashimi
Shark's Fin Ramen
Pit Viper
Potato Liquor
Squid Guts
Hot Springs

Credits to Japan it UP! Travel Blog

If those flavors seem weird, that's because we don't live in Japan. Eating cow tongues just aren't a part of our culture. The following flavors may sound normal, but try to imagine them as a scoop of frozen milk...

Japanese Flavors for Singapore
Chicken Wing
Indian Curry
Soy Sauce

We admire the creativity and skill that went into making every ice cream under the Rising Sun; it would be fun to try everything. However, we doubt many people would want to taste Tokyo's Ice Cream Ramen:

Credits to Japan it UP! Travel Blog

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