Chindogu: Unusual Inventions

The Japanese are often stereotyped as nature-loving, pencil-pushing salarymen, but if you think about Japanese subculture (Anime! Akihabara! Harajuku! Visual Kei!), the Japanese are also infatuated with the absurd. And thus there is Chindogu.

Chindogu, which means 'unusual tools', is the art of inventing useful devices which are impractical, and thus useless. The inventions are not for commercial gain, but simply meant to free people from subordination and narrow-mindedness.

Here are our favorite Chindogu:

1. Automated Noodle Cooler

Credits to International Chindogu Society

In a rush? Can't eat noodles when they're too hot? Dare to wear this portable fan on your wrist when you go out to eat ramen next time!

2. Solar Powered Torch

Credits to Japan.Inc

Yes, because we need torches when there's sunlight.

3. Subway Sleeper Helmet

Credits to WeirdWorm

This would be perfect for sleep-riding the MRT. Don't forget a sign with the name of the station you're alighting at so that friendly passengers can wake you up at the right stop!

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