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Visual kei rock band ViViD is no stranger to anime fans: think 'Blue' as the opening theme song for Bleach and 'Yume Mugen no Kanata' as the ending theme song for Level E. Iv, the bassist, is matter-of-factly ("Someone from the record company hooked us up and here we are!") about their luck, while drummer Ko-ki muses: "I think it is an honour to have our songs used as theme songs." anibee.tv chats up ViViD ahead of their first Singapore gig on Nov 26 at Sundown Festival.

anibee.tv: What does visual kei mean to you?

Shin: The feeling I get from nurturing myself.

Ko-ki: We do not see ourselves as that, though it would be an interesting genre if it is as a form of art.

anibee.tv: Visual kei has a reputation for being larger than life with its emphasis on visual style, while the music genre widely varies. What music genres are you most excited by?

Reno: I've been listening to Eric Clapton since young, so I've been very much influenced by him.

Ryoga: I thought rock music was cool when I was young.

anibee.tv: ViViD formed in March 2009. What thoughts do you have about being together for over 2.5 years?

Shin: We have became more responsible. We look out for one another.

Reno: Knowing each other's style of playing, we have definitely enhanced each other's playing.

Ryoga: It is great to see how we constantly change everyday. We have changed in our performance but it all sums up in a good way.

Iv: We all strive to improve, and motivate one another... It is great to see how we are still so close.

Ko-ki: We became stronger as a group, our quality of music has gone up. It's good.

anibee.tv: What do you look forward to in Singapore?

Shin: I hope we can introduce our wonderful Japanese culture. I look forward to the food!

Reno: We don't know what to expect but we are just coming to play our music. I would love to see the Merlion.

Ryoga: I am very honoured and looking forward to visit Singapore for the first time. I heard the scenery is very beautiful so... (I will be) visiting several places.

Iv: Like everybody, see if I can spurt water further than the Merlion.

Ko-ki: Cityscape and food!

Trivia! Shin and Iv adore One Piece, while Ko-ki likes Gantz. Ryoga used to collect Detective Conan manga as a kid.

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