A+ for Anime Festival Asia 2011!

What a riot of colours and senses at Anime Festival Asia last weekend! We had never seen so many anime figurines, toys, gadgets and cosplayers in our lives! It was one of these things in life you had to experience for yourself. Opening to the public with a high on Friday with the live concert of 3D virtual idol Hatsune Miku, the three-day fest went on to stage a multitude of activities, with booths and experience zones well spread out in the convention hall. There were anisong concerts, a Cool Japan Pavilion, a cosplay competition... and of course, the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe and the Wonderland Atelier Royale Butler Cafe drew a huge crowd. Many items on the menu quickly sold out before the end of the day. All in all, a reported 85,000 visitors thronged the Suntec City venue to ogle at the best of J-culture despite the heavy November rain.

Let the AFA11 photo recap begin:

Shootout between cosplayer and camera geek!

The colourful entrance of AFA11

Awwww... we love these purring humans

Is that... Tofu Man we see?!

The affable designer from Zaneeds... check out that wide smile!

A fan with a self portrait done in all of five minutes

House rules for maid cafe patrons

So this is the Moe Moe Kyun Cafe

Competition in the form of an independent maid lurked outside the MMK Cafe... with chocolates paid for from her purse!

You should have seen the little jiggle the butler on the far right from Wonderland Atelier Royale Butler Cafe did for us before we snapped this photo!

The action in the butler cafe...

Our hearts were warmed the most with Canon's show of solidarity at the fest: they invited visitors (like these cosplayers) to make a donation to Red Cross' flood relief efforts in Thailand in exchange for photo prints of themselves... Awww!

Post-it scribblings from fans

This young cosplayer didn't like us too much...

Andy Heng (right), editor-in-chief of toy blog Toysrevil, plugging his blog next to his friend Shaun. Andy, we heard, maxed out three credit cards in a year just to buy toys... WE HAVE NOTHING BUT RESPECT

For you One Piece fans...

Guys just wanna have fun

Gundam fans posed and shot their fave mechas

Full Armor Unicorn Gundam!

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