Anime Festival Asia 2011: Why you should go

#1: I Love Anisong concert marathon

A-list anisong artists will be performing, including alt rock band FLOW (think Naruto!), virtual idol Hatsune Miku (first ever Asia concert!) and pioneer artist Ichirou Mizuki (anisong's big brother!). Plus, there will be an Asian premiere of a 3D concert on opening night. Concert tickets start from $48 for a one-day standing ticket to $368 for a 1-day VIP pass.

FLOW is known for 'Colors', the opening theme to the first season of Code Geass, and GO!! and RE:member from the Naruto anime. When: Nov 12


ICHIROU MIZUKI: With over 1,200 anisongs, Mizuki is the undisputed anisong legend. He is known for Mazinger Z, Iron Jeeg, Kamen Rider, Captain Harlock and Gatchaman. When: Nov 12

KALAFINA: After debuting with Oblivious from OVA Kara no Kyoukai in 2008, the trio have since gone on to do songs for Kuroshitsuji, Sora no Oto and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. When: Nov 13

#2: Free flow of screenings and stage activities

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn 4: At the Bottom of the Gravity Well will be screened on stage on the same day as Japan. Don't miss Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison and Full Metal Alchemist: The Star of Milos too. At the stage, meet and greet anime voice actors, cosplayers and special guests. Don't miss voice actress Chiwa Saitou doing live dubbing as Puella Magi Madoka MagicaÂ’s Homura Akemi.

#3: Cool merchandise

Akiba Town spans almost two halls of the exhibition grounds this year. Watch out for exclusive AFA11 merch!

#4: Eye candy

Watch the maids at Moe Moe Kyun Maids Café meand the cute guys from butler café Atelier Royale. You won't just be salivating over the food. Celebrity cosplayer Kaname will also be here for a phototaking session and judge for the Regional Cosplay Competition.

KANAME: Known for his amazing transformations from Cloud of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children to Ichigo of Bleach.

AFA11 happens at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre Halls 402-404 on Nov 11-13. Tickets start from $8 for a basic one-day pass to festival grounds and go on sale in October.

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