Yukata Love

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If you've ever been to a Japanese inn just like Kissuiso, you would have been able to wear a yukata after a hot springs bath. Meaning 'bath clothes', the yukata is a casual summer kimono that the Japanese wear to festivals, summer events, fireworks and after bathing at traditional inns. Furthermore, by dressing up traditionally, you'll be wearing a part of Japanese culture.

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As with most Japanese clothing, the yukata's design is elegant with straight seams and wide sleeves. But unlike the more glamorous and formal kimono, yukata are usually made with cotton instead of silk. And as you get older, the yukata you wear tend to be in less bold colours. In Hanasaku Iroha, we see this with Grandmother's muted green yukata in contrast with Ohana's bright orange one.

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Want to wear a yukata? The easiest way to try one would be at hot springs inn, where they provide you with a yukata and a jacket-like haori to wear over it. Remember to tuck the right side under the left unless you're attending a funeral. And, while people use a narrow cotton sash to tie their yukata for daily use, get the wider obi for more public occasions.

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