Comics XChange at Goodman Arts Central

Happy participants posing with their goodie bags
Credits to Comics Xchange 2011

The two-day Comics event was held over last weekend at a unique location where the creative community congregates, Goodman Arts Central. This event was specifically fashioned to unleash the aptitude in budding comic artists, graphic novelists and mangaka.

Workshop participants listening attentively
Credits to Comics Xchange 2011

The workshops provided precious tips and guidelines to help fine-tune one's artistic talent at creating eloquent works. Eager participants flocked to attend talks and demonstrations by well-regarded local speakers and uncover tantalizing items at the bazaar.

Dedicated speaker sharing some tips
Credits to Comics Xchange 2011

The famous 24 Hours Comic Day is also one of the major highlights of Comics Xchange. This event has taken place in many countries since 2004. The thrilling challenge not only needs participants to pluck up their courage, but put one's creative abilities to test as well. Participants raced against time to create and perfect 24 pages of comics within 24 hours. Phew! It couldn't be more exhilarating, we say.

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