Cat Ears You Can Control With Your Brain

Does your cosplay costume need cat ears? Japanese fashion company Neurowear has just the thing for you: necomimi. Not just stiff fur triangles, but organic ones that react to your brain waves. Yes, science has come so far...

Credits to Japan Trends

This hair band receives your brain signals and twitches the cat ears accordingly. These ears flop forwards when you're relaxed, and point upwards when you're concentrating. The necomimi would be perfect for cosplay performances if it were less bulky than the current version.

Credits to Japan Trends

This hair band works because of mind control technology, which researchers developed to drive cars without steering or for people with disabilities to use computers. Using this technology for fun is certainly novel.

Interested? necomimi is scheduled for international release later this year for several hundred dollars a set, so look out for it!

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