Insanely cute Japanese memes

The Japanese have a magical knack for churning out entertaining Internet memes. Here are some of our favourites!

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Meme? What meme? Nyan Cat

Proudly prowling your screen since... April 2011

This meme rocks socks because... it's too banal for words. A cat that looks like a polka dotted soap leaving behind a rainbow trail wherever it gallops forth in star-speckled space. Over 14 million people (and still going on strong) who have seen this magical neko on Youtube can't be wrong. You will, you must, fall in love with the one and only Nyan Cat. It's simply inspiring!

Notable spin-off: Rainbow Boogaloo, a hypnotising 8-bit version of the kitty spiraling anti clockwise, spin-the-donkey style, against a puddle of rainbow while white fireworks splatter around it. Wow...

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Meme? What meme? Dramatic Chipmunk

Proudly prowling your screen since...June 2007

This meme rocks socks because... the titular character is really a prairie dog with, well, a dramatic expression. After somebody took a six-second excerpt from Japanese variety Hello Morning! and posted it on Youtube, all hell broke loose. The prairie dog with the quizzical expression went on to capture the imagination of Youtubers like Youtube was its sandy kingdom.

Notable spin-off: Definitely the Best-of release, a compilation of all the awesome Dramatic Look spinoffs out there. Watch out for the Thriller one, it is too good for words.

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Meme? What meme? Y U No chap

Proudly prowling your screen since...2009

This meme rocks socks because... the Y U No guy is full of fury and indignation, the perfect blank canvas for which netizens could possibly hope to channel all their agitation upon. Which turns out to be quite a bit. Originating from chapter 55 of Gantz released in Feb 2002, a customisable version of the character's expression was subsequently uploaded on MemeGenerator and soon many started forming ungrammatical statements on the picture along the lines of "[subject], Y U NO [verb]?" There's even a Twitter feed for this explosive meme at, if you're on Twitter, you must follow this.

Notable spin-off: Just too many. Check out this Y U No slideshow on Youtube:

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