ComiFest 2013 - Clash of the Talent Titans!

Previously, we talked about ComiFest 2013; the event to witness the gathering of the most promising of artistic talents both local and from overseas.

But wait - there's still lots more activities to look forward to at the event! That's right, we're talking about competitions for you to strut YOUR own artistic prowess, and even win cash prizes!

- Original Comic Illustration Competition

Show the world just what you're capable of! Simply submit your original illustration along with a written concept (max 100 words) of your work to be judged by ComiFest's panel of judges.

The top 100 works will be printed and showcased at ComiFest itself, while the top 3 stand to win CASH prizes!

- Comic Character Drawing (Fan Art) Competition

If showing your love & allegiance to your favourite franchise is more your speed, then you're WANTED for this contest!

Create your artwork based off The Avengers, One Piece, or any locally created title and you could walk away with an awesome cash prize!

- Cosplay (Individual & Group)

Here's your chance to show your costuming best to the community. Stand a chance to be invited to a full photo shoot and video session for your cosplay, as well as getting lavish stage time at the event itself! To top it off, the top 3 get to walk away with cash prizes as well!

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For more information, check out ComiFest's Official Site!

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