anibee Features: Motsu & DJ Kaya!


The Anime Festival Asia was in town recently once again and we were there right in the middle of the action!

Of course, it wouldn't be an event without great celebrity guests, and we got to speak to 2 of them - rapper extraordinaire, Motsu, and DJ Kaya!

anibee: It's been about a year since you (Motsu) were last here in Singapore, and it's been about half a year since m.o.v.e. disbanded. What have you been doing since then?

Motsu: I'll admit, things have been really unstable for me in a way since then haha!

I mean, I have still been busy with my other underground projects, side projects (such as ALTIMA with Satoshi Yaginuma & Maon Kurosaki) and producing, but carrying out my days without a 'main' band such as m.o.v.e. anymore - it's a really strange feeling! Yet at the same time, it's been really interesting.

anibee: I guess it's because you now have this extra freedom you've never had before?

Motsu: Yes, exactly! More freedom is definitely it.

With m.o.v.e., my situation was like (in English) "You have something you have to do, and you need to give it your" as the band was something I was heavily invested in and put in tons of work to.

But without it anymore, I have this freedom, this flexibility, which I didn't before. It's quite refreshing!

anibee: How do the songs and set lists you do in this new duo differ from your material in the past?

DJ Kaya: Of course, a lot of it is going to be a medley of Anisongs, J-Pop songs, and other favourites like that. But we also want to bring a new variety of material to audiences that we couldn't before in previous works.

Motsu: Exactly. We want to bring about a new variety of tunes, a set list that's full of flavour and has the perfect balance for everyone.

anibee: Both of you have a lot of experience in producing and performing Anisongs. What keeps you coming back to the genre, and have you experienced any drawbacks or limitations about it

Motsu: I don't think I've ever not-liked doing Anisongs, as far as I can recall!

Whether as a performer or a producer or a DJ, I've always felt that music and anime went extremely well together.

Like, whenever someone hears a song from a particular anime, they can instantly connect it to a particular memory from the anime itself and vice versa which instantly fires them up. I find this aspect particularly very attractive about Anisongs, and I'll never get tired of it!

anibee: What's in the cards for your future plans as a duo?

DJ Kaya: As far as the immediate future goes, I would like to be able to delve more into different kinds of dance music, especially in the production of it.

Of course with this, I would also love to be able to perform such music in more venus all over the world.

Motsu: That's right. For me, I would like to promote Anisong worldwide, and on a deeper level.

It's like how stuff like Rock & Rock originated from the West, but now just about anyone from any country is capable of producing great Rock & Roll music that's widely enjoyed now. I would like to help elevate Anisong into such a level as well; where anyone from Japan to Brazil, or America to Singapore, is capable of producing a great Anisong for everyone to enjoy!

anibee: What's one thing you both would like to do that you've never done before?

Motsu: For both of us, it's definitely again, getting more into the Dance music scene.

While Dance music is really popular in Japan, there aren't that many tunes that are produced by Japanese artistes as most of them come from Europe and the like. I would definitely like to take this challenge straight on and try to come up with at least one new dance tune a year or something like that... who knows!

anibee: There are lots of young, budding hip-hop artistes that are dying to break out into the mainstream scene. Do you have any advice for them?

Motsu: Wow, really? I would love to meet them!

The good thing is, in this current modern age, they have lots of tools at their disposal to help them gain exposure like YouTube etc. My advice is to find your own personal 'appeal' and try to make the most of it. That way, everything you do will be uniquely yours. Keep at it, keep meeting people, and I'm sure you'll find your own audience.

Also don't be shy in showing your work to others! I would LOVE to meet these people and see what they have done!

Special thanks to AFA for the invite, and Motsu & DJ Kaya for the invite!

- Q